Est. in 2014

The IsreL Fonseca Brand is a luxury label developed and curated by the designer, IsreL, himself. Born in 1993 and raised in the grand city of Houston, Texas, he sought out to develop his only talent of fashion design. 23 years in and one year after the brand launch in 2014, the Fonseca label has intrigued local socialites and many supporting acquaintances including celebrities. 

"This brand is supported by aquaintances and is progressing because of those relationships I've cultivated and that I am grateful for." -IsreL

The IF brand exudes modern opulence in the sense of our societal influences with social media and the timeless presence of rich history. With the amalgamation of unique textures and fascinating color palettes, the Fonseca Design House rises as one of today's modern throwbacks to the greats he looks up to, such as: Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, and Gianni Versace. 

The lux mindset is explored through his constant use of shiny hardware and fabrications along with flattering silhouettes. With a feminine air and his daring contrast approach on lighter versus darker hues, Isrel gives the Fonseca label a depth in perspective that creates the sophisticated look with a hint of edge. 

" I feel collections are a representation of my state of mind and I have no answer to those who question a drastic transition...its just me." (IsreL) 

With such a dramatic personality, Isrel Fonseca stands by his evolving label introducing much more to come confirming an unexpected surprise every time.